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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Ketchikan Man Who Tested Positive for COVID Writes His Side of the Story

Tuesday night, news came out that three new cases of coronaids appeared in Alaska (increasing the total to six), one in Ketchikan, one in Fairbanks and another in Anchorage. Below is a public statement from the man in Ketchikan who tested positive:

In these days of COVID-19 concern, I figured it was best if Ketchikan had good information, based in fact, from the source, and not based on conjecture and silly rumor. So, here's what we do know: I was confirmed this afternoon to have the COVID-19 virus. I’ve been directed by Public Health to stay in my home until further notice from them. We don't know the source.

I became sick Saturday morning with fever, headache, general achiness, and chills. Though symptoms had largely subsided by late Sunday afternoon, in an abundance of caution, I was swabbed at Peacehealth yesterday morning, and results came back negative for influenza-A, influenza-B, and RSV. In essence, all of the “usual viruses” were non-existent. This afternoon, I received a call from Public Health in Anchorage and they advised that I had tested positive for COVID-19, unfortunately the first confirmed case in Ketchikan. I answered more than an hour worth of questions hoping to give them as much information as possible. I recounted every step of my life since March 6 using cell records, work calendars, as well as debit and credit card records so that Public Health could conduct as thorough an investigation as possible.

As it stands now, most symptoms have subsided though I still have a heaviness in my chest, akin to a mild bronchitis. It feels like what most here know to be a mild case of Ketchikan crud. For the most part, symptoms had subsided 36-hours after onset and I felt pretty good.

I have talked with Public Health again since this afternoon and they are working hard to contact anyone who had meaningful contact with me in order to provide appropriate guidance. I have no idea where I caught it and I interacted with no one in recent weeks who was exhibiting obvious symptoms. I apologize for causing undue concern for anyone, especially my co-workers at the Borough. They are a great team of people, committed to serving the public the best way possible. I would ask that everyone simply stay on the lookout for the same early onset symptoms - fever, chills, and headache. If you experience them, isolate yourself. I would also ask that you join me and all of Ketchikan to actively minimize community transmission so that we can protect our seniors or other medically vulnerable folks in Ketchikan. I pray that we all make it through this largely unharmed, and together.


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