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Monday, March 23, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Taking Covid-19 Seriously

This Covid-19 virus will hurt us financially. I had to close my business due to my immune system taking a hit from the lack of sleep due to stress from this pandemic. The stress of making sure no customers come to my business if they have been off the island or been in contact with someone who was; is immense. The constant sanitizing, cloroxing, hand washing, wearing masks, wearing gloves, airing the business and turning away higher risk customers has taken a toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically.

I have great empathy and tend to soak peoples feelings --especially anxiety or sadness and them feeling scared. Therefore, between the stress, emotional strain and concern regarding this Covid-19 virus, I had to close my doors last week and won’t be open till further notice. Yes, I am now feeling like a huge load came off our shoulders but I am also feeling the strain of the toll it has put on us financially. We are Alaskans, we will get through this but it would be nice if we could get through this all with love for our neighbors, kindness and thinking more of the other person than ourselves!
I have seen posts of people worried about those that have been traveling whether they are going to self quarantine and I have also seen posts of those not thinking that this virus is a big deal. We as a family have chosen not only to have knowledge about the situation but to protect our family and the community by being super cautious, by staying home, by keeping our distance, by being kind to everyone, by posting positive stuff on social media to make people find the positive in a negative situation. We could all do this if we tried!

So please, if you have been in an area where the virus cases are occurring. Please stay home and don't add to the stress that many business owners and family members are experiencing!

I do not wish a pat on the back for our sacrifices but for awareness of the grave situation many are facing and will be facing.

There is no distinction with this virus, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, drug addicted or sober. But there is a distinction on clean vs dirty, aware vs foolish, self isolated vs close contact, low immune vs healthy strong immune.

There are many that are finally taking this seriously and are posting what they are doing with their families while their kids are out of school and I praise them highly for it. Let’s start a trend, let’s be the island that sets the bar high and puts the curve ball so low on this Covid-19 that we set the best example in the whole state of Alaska! We are small in number but if we all co-operate they will hear our roar and we will get through this better than ever, united ( in self isolation of course) as one in thought and deed!

POW Business Owner and Resident.

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