City of Craig Highway Oil Spill - P.O.W. Report

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

City of Craig Highway Oil Spill

For Immediate Release:
Earlier today, approximately 250 gallons of waste oil spilled onto the Craig/Klawock Highway, near the intersection of the

highway and Hilltop Drive. The oil was released when the waste oil container fell from a city vehicle onto the highway.

City employees responded immediately to the spill, and took measures to prevent waste oil from reaching salt water in nearby South Cove Harbor. Absorbent pads, oil boom, and other absorption agents were applied to the spill.

The event was reported to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Craig Police Department has blocked the Craig-Klawock Highway between of Hilltop Drive and West Hamilton Drive. During this time please take the Hamilton loop when traveling around town.

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