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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Go to the Hospital Only for Emergencies

I'm on twatter twitter and while I know that it is subjective I keep seeing posts from nurses talking about the positives of the so-called chinese corona virus. The biggest positive are nurses grateful that people who have been showing up, only do so for actual emergencies. Before, "people would show up because their son ate an orange peel" as one nurse wrote. 

I understand that this is subjective, however, subjectivity in today's fake news days is much more objective than most things you read on the internet. Since, the coronavirus has the potential to over-whelm our healthcare system I would like to remind citizens, that once this is over, please don't treat our hospitals lightly. If you do go, make sure that it's for a serious issue. 

One of my sources that worked at the Ketchikan hospital for a couple of days this last week was surprised that it was other wise empty and this is a GOOD THING. Before this pandemic occurred people would show up for scratches on the arm and all sorts of minor issues. These are the things that over-whelm our system and don't allow actual patients with actual needs to get the care they deserve. 

While, this pandemic has a lot of negatives, it also has a lot of positives. People are not going to hospitals for minor issues anymore, only SICK people are arriving. This is a good thing, because they actually get the care and attention that they deserve. 

I'll be the first to admit that i've gone to the SEARHC clinic for a minor scratch before and looking back i'm slightly embarrassed because of it. Not only because I had to pay 300$+ for it, but also because I took the doctors time away from other patients that had more pressing concerns. 

Keep this this in mind for the future and someone may thank you for it later. 

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