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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It's Official Ketchikan Fuel is MORE Expensive than Us Islanders!

Well ladies and GENTLEMEN, I grew up on "The Rock." If I saved my year books (which I didn't) I would show you my handsome face in front of the gas pump that read $1.15 (in 2007) ALAS, I did not. And EVERY year I grew older, the gas pump grew a FEW cents MORE in price...RAISE YOUR HAND if you remember $4.48 a gallon? I 'member!

LADIES and Gentlemen, I 'member' renting an apartment...a LOVELY apartment in Craig in 2014, for a two bedroom that was $1,200. WOOWZA! During those times, I day-dreamed about apartment prices in Ketchikan, which were, much, much, much, LOWER! Those were the 'good ol' days.

How the TIDES, have turned. Somehow! And I don't want to get into CONSPIRACY queries, we have turned upside down! As of April 15th, POW REPORT can and will confirm that gas prices on the island are CHEAPER than they are in Ketchikan!

AC Klawock Corner Gas Price:

Ketchikan Airport Gas Price, $3.49

Safeway Gas Prices:

Thanks to an INTREPID Ketchikan citizen journalist, POW REPORT can and WILL report that Prince of Wales IS the bestest island ever in terms of fuel economy.

Not ONLY That! 

Every so often, my millennial self, FREQUENTLY browses the' housing prices' since i'm tired of living in my mother's boyfriend's basement and i'm SHOCKED at how insane Ketchikan rentals and mortgages are compared to Prince of Wales. 

To be FRANK with you, not only does Ketchikan have higher gas prices, it ALSO has higher house prices!

Is this legal?

We don't know, however, for certain, we can AND will affirm that gas prices are going down and for this, we are grateful! 

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