Ketchikan and Hollis Fire Departments Both Respond to Calls Over the Weekend - P.O.W. Report

Monday, April 20, 2020

Ketchikan and Hollis Fire Departments Both Respond to Calls Over the Weekend

Ketchikan Fire Department responded to a person who fell in the rocks behind the Plaza Friday afternoon. The victim was found about 20 feet down the steep and rocky embankment. Due to the terrain, additional resources were called in to rescue the victim. A Ketchikan Harbormaster boat and crew responded to assist in the rescue. Attended by KFD Medics the victim was transported by boat to an ambulance.

KFD Firefighters investigate a small fire in the 100 block of Nadeau Street Friday afternoon.

Hollis Volunteer Fire Department Responds to a Call Saturday Evening

Another Hollis Hero is in our midst! Ezra and his family were headed to relax at the river when they came up on brush fire along the Klawock-Hollis Highway. Four foot flames were headed to the trees when Ezra jumped out of his truck and Tanya went to call for help. In the meantime – Ezra soaked his new sweatshirt in a nearby ditch and beat the flames down until the fire truck could saturate the area to keep the fire from starting back up. It is dryer than we think in this rainforest and we were fortunate Ezra kept the flames at bay.

A huge thank you shout out to Ezra and his family, the crew from the mine, and our Hollis Volunteer fire squad for maintaining up-to-date training and equipment to support a rapid response.

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