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Sunday, April 12, 2020

One New Case in Ketchikan and A Traveler Caught Breaking Quarantine

Madison Hardware:

We had a disturbing thing happen in our warehouse today. Someone phoned in an order but when they came to pick it up they interacted and exchanged their loading slip with an employee. Then they proceeded to laugh while telling the employee they were on a 14 day quarantine after traveling -with no mask on their faces or gloves on their hands.

Our employee immediately took off his jacket, sanitized the paperwork and counters, and washed his hands.

That is not how quarantine works If you are in quarantine you need no contact with people outside your household. Shelter in place and hunker down give you options to go out. Quarantine means stay home and no contact.

We are providing a much needed service for our community If you ruin it for everyone by forcing us into a 14 day shut down you will be hurting many other people in our community

What happened was not funny. It was extremely reckless.

Other News:

No Sail for Cruise Ships Extended Another 100 Days

The no sail order was put in place because the CDC director believed that cruise ship travel would continue to introduce, transmit and spread COVID-19.

The order will stay in place until the Secretary of Health and Human Services no longer considers COVID-19 a public health emergency, the CDC director rescinds or modifies the order, or 100 days pass.

The order is the latest blow to the hard-hit cruise industry, which has been dealing with canceled and suspended trips across the globe.
[CDC order]

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