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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

IFA Ferries Down Until Possibly June 11th

Inter-Island Ferry Authority Service Interruption due to mechanical failure.

Hollis, Alaska –

On May 22th, the Inter-Island Ferry Authority (IFA) suffered a catastrophic propulsion system failure on the port side of the M/V Prince of Wales. The M/V Prince of Wales will be placed into inactive status until parts and technicians to make the necessary repairs can be secured. The M/V Stikine has been waiting for repairs the last 30 days. The delay in repairs is due to the inability of technicians to travel from the lower 48. We are working to get technicians scheduled and M/V Stikine back into service.

We are targeting a return to service on June 11 at which time we will be increasing to a 5 day a week schedule. Sailings will be Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We realize that this is a major inconvenience to our customers and supply chain partners. We are working diligently on trying to identify solutions for our customers in the difficult time.

Contact: Ron Curtis General Manager Inter-Island Ferry Authority: (907) 401-3564 rcurtis@interislandferry.com

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