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Thursday, June 11, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] All Lives Matter

I grew up in the 70's. I personally went through a race riot in Las Vegas at a tender age of 16 could have been 17. I went up the Valley high school ramp filled with every black student in school. I was innocent. I just watched what happened.

The kids that ran, got chased. The ramp ended at the cafeteria. All the white kids they caught they put their leg on the table and jumped on the knee to break. I saw! I had no options to just walk up the ramp. I got elbowed a lot. But I did not run, and no one fucked my knees up-thankfully. I was an innocent child and I think most knew that.

I say this because the Senators are knee jerking political correctness.
I am done.
I am tired.
I want humans to be humans regardless of race.
I was poor.
I survived.

I had no white privilege. My mother gave me luggage as a graduation gift. My father gave me one offer for college I declined at the time and he retired.

Let's discard all racial preference.
Let's be humans.

Yes, people will be pissed at me, they will lose their preference. I have none.
Let's all be human.
--Jan Trojan

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