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Monday, June 22, 2020

Prince of Wales Art Extravaganza Exhibit is Postponed Until 2021

After much discussion and thought, committee members for the Prince of Wales Art Extravaganza Exhibit, have decided to postpone our September 19th Exhibit.

The committee reached this tough decision because we did not feel our venue could accommodate the necessary distancing and health guidelines outlined by our State’s Covid-19 Policy on large gatherings.

In addition, because this year’s event is taking place in one of our smaller communities, we are hesitant to introduce multiple visitors into the community. In the past our event has hosted several hundred people and artists.

Our event was to be held at the local school and as yet there are no guidelines as to how schools will be reopening in the fall. The committee does not feel comfortable putting additional pressure on the school to hold a large event, until it is determined how students will be returning next year.

Although we regret the decision to postpone, the committee feels the decision is in the best interest of our Island and all of our communities to wait until there are less health concerns and restrictions.

We hope to reschedule this event in 2021.


Gretchen Klein
Prince of Wales Art Extravaganza Volunteer Coordinator

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