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Thursday, August 13, 2020

News August 13th 2020

Because of social media censorship there are a lot of stories I can't share on platforms like Facebook. Below are some stories that you may find interesting, however, take them with a grain of salt since Corporate News has lost credibility in the past few years. 

Facebook touts use of artificial intelligence to help detect harmful content and misinformation this wasn't an intentional article to prove my point, it simply popped up in my feed. However, the censorship of FB is blatant and alarming.

US Has Almost 30 Times More COVID-19 Deaths per Population than Third-World Countries that Promoted Early HCQ Use

Another case of pedophile children's toys  first it was the Troll dolls and now the LOL dolls...after awhile these things aren't coincidences. I watched a video on twitter of a parent doing this and a "pizza" tattoo showed up on the toys back. For those that may not be aware, pizza is a pedophile code word for young girl.

Juneau's Kensington Mine may have a virus outbreak

State calls lean winter ferry schedule ‘the best we could do’ there is no short-term fix for the AMHS system. Decades of mismanagement can't be solved with money, since there are no replacement ferries to fill the void. The state needs to make AMHS independent from the Governor's administration, create a fixed budget that can't be changed for 6 to 8 years so that the AMHS management has stability to plan for the future and finally, SE Native Groups should get together and pull federal DOT money for ferry services.

Troller assisted, towed to Port Protection

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