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Monday, August 17, 2020

News August 17, 2020

Because of social media censorship there are a lot of stories I can't share on platforms like Facebook. Below are some stories that you may find interesting, however, take them with a grain of salt since Corporate News has lost credibility in the past few years. 

Newly released documents describe terrifying descent, safety concerns after deadly 2019 midair collision near Ketchikan if you would like to look through the original full reports you may find it [here].

California Suffers 2nd Day of Blackouts as Wind, Solar Power Falter

More public schools, which are supposed to be free, are charging hefty fees to reopen "The brouhaha erupted after the Durham Public School system announced it will operate six “learning centers” for students who need supervision while classrooms are closed and teaching is done remotely.

The school system is charging up to $140 a week per student, essentially to provide childcare services."

Pelosi calls House back to D.C. as Democrats set emergency postal hearing amid fears over delayed ballots

Elevated rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses, and autistic traits in transgender and gender-diverse individuals

Turkey’s 2nd Financial & Currency Crisis in 2 Years Blossoms. Heavily Invested European Banks Look for Exit. But Not the Most Exposed Bank "As the Turkish lira logged fresh record lows against both the dollar and the euro on Friday, and is now down 19% this year against the dollar, attention is turning once again to the potential risks facing lenders. They include a handful of very big Eurozone banks that are heavily exposed to Turkey’s economy via large amounts in loans — much of it in euros — through banks they acquired in Turkey. And the strains are beginning to replay those of the last currency/financial crisis in 2018."

LeDone? Voter fraud crosses political boundaries, though Ledoux had switched from Dem to Republican in order to win her district

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