City of Craig Removes Plastic and Glass Recycling Dumpsters - P.O.W. Report

Monday, September 28, 2020

City of Craig Removes Plastic and Glass Recycling Dumpsters

From the city

Removal of Plastics and Glass Collection Dumpsters City staff have removed the glass and plastic collection dumpsters from the public works property. Chronic problems with the dumpsters being used for improper disposal of putrescible household garbage led to the decision. 

City staff will evaluate how to better oversee management of the dumpsters and work to reestablish glass collection. Given the lack of a dedicated separate waste stream for shipment of plastics off POW, city staff does not intend to reestablish collection of plastics at the public works site. 

For more information, or to provide comments, contact Craig City Hall at 826-3275, or the Public Works Department at 826-3405. 

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