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Saturday, September 12, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] Thorne Bay Elections, a Chance to Move Forward

This year's Thorne Bay's city council elections are fast approaching. I am reaching out as a
concerned citizen of this great community.

During last year's city council elections, the vote was not even close as 3 candidates from the
southside of town won by a landslide. The community sent out a message that they were tired
of the same old things. After the election, these 3 council members worked hard to bring the
community together. During their brief period in office they have worked on many issues and
stopped many issues that did not benefit the community as a whole. During their brief time in
office many items were uncovered. These problems were investigated by some of the new
council and action was required to be taken. One action that was needed by the mayor pro
tem, was to suspend the city administrator. At this time, as far as I know the former city
administrator is still under investigation.

Soon after the city administrators suspension, a group of individuals decided to work on
recalling the 3 newly elected council members. During the time of gathering signatures for the
recall, the Covid 19 mandates had gone into effect. All during the order to stay home and to
maintain distance, a few in this group violated the states mandate and were out gathering
signatures.This action gave me grave concern. After talking with the council members, it was
shared that 2 of the candidates for this election were involved with the recall efforts of the 3
newly elected officials. Gregory Kerkof and Kim Redmond are very close friends with the
former city administrator and that even Kim Redman hosted his farewell party. It was
witnessed by community members that both of these men were collecting signatures during
the mandate.

Concerns that I have, is that the 2 individuals, Gregory Kerkof and Kim Redmond showed no
regards for the safety of the citizens of Thorne Bay. By these actions, they showed that the do
not have the best interest of Thorne Bay at heart. They have their own personal agenda. Now
that a problem that has been a part of Thorne Bay for a while is gone, why would we want the
same type of mindset and good friends of the former city administrator on the city council.
Now in regard to Bob Hartwell. He resigned from the city council at the beginning of last year.
I was also informed that he resigned from the planning and zoning as the chairman. He is
currently the city's code enforcement officer, which if he is elected he will have to resign from
that position. Concern, Bob may have a hard time handling the pressure and making sound
decisions for Thorne Bay.

So this election, get out and vote Thorne Bay citizens. Make the right choice and do not vote
for Gregory Kerkof, Kim Redmond or Bob Hartwell. The days of the past are gone. The city
now has a chance to move forward. A brighter future is ahead if you chose wisely.

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