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Monday, September 14, 2020

News for September 14th 2020

Due to social media censorship there are many stories that can't be shared. Below are stories that you may find interesting, as always take everything with a grain of salt when you read the news: 

U.S. Marshals Service Reveals Majority of Rescued Sex-Trafficked Children Came From Foster Care

The U.S. Marshals Service recently launched a nationwide effort to recover missing and exploited children. Three major operations rescued over 100 children, many of them from sex traffickers. But a disturbing trend discovered during the operation should launch a nationwide investigation into the American child welfare system. PJ Media reached out to USMS for details on the rescued children and was told that the majority of them came from foster care. This information was ignored in the initial media reports on the operation. Dave Oney, press contact at the USMS, responded via email to questions about the rescued children.


Physicist: The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network

In Alaska, more ballots arrive at the Alaska Division of Elections after the primary election day than in the three weeks before it, according to an analysis of the state’s absentee voter files from the past three primary elections. That means many Alaskans are mailing their ballots in the last days before the election.

Coast Guard recovers body of fisherman from water near WhittierSend a tip or a story or a classified or hatemail to
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