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Monday, October 26, 2020

Landslides on POW Monday


A rainstorm which started Sunday and continued into Monday triggered several landslides on Prince of Wales. Two occurred at Port St. Nick at 2.7 miles, 4.3 mile with severe flooding at 3.3 mile and five others on Big Salt Road heading north out of Klawock at miles 2.5, 3.5, 7.5, 8.5 and 10.5 mile.

Total rain accumulation at the Klawock Airport was over three inches:

City of Craig issued an [update] at 5pm Monday: 

Craig City Crews have been working to clear two slides and one area of flooding along the PSN Road today. There were landslides that blocked the road at 2.7 mile and 4.3 mile and significant flooding at 3.3 mile. The road at 3.3. mile is passable at this point. Crews are still working to clear at least one lane for traffic at 2.7 mile by tonight. If crews get this clear people may use the road with caution.
The road at 4.3 mile has been cleared of debris, but due to blocked and damaged culverts there is significant water crossing and saturating the road. This portion of the road will not be opened until the water is not flowing over the road and public works crews have had an opportunity to inspect the road. This will likely not be open until tomorrow at the earliest.
Once access past 2.7 mile is opened, AP&T will assess their power lines and equipment. Power will not be turned back on at PSN until they have been able to verify that it is safe. This may not be until tomorrow.


Near Black Bear Creek video courtesy of Liam Sullivan:

Anthony, a City of Klawock employee, also [reported] that the Klawock Reservoir was flooded: 

courtesy of Anthony Charles
Courtesy of Anthony Charles, image of the Klawock reservoir

Klawock residents, please continue to conserve water over night and only use water as less as you can. Hopefully tomorrow we get a break in the clear our screens at the reservoir. Then we still need to do a backwash at the waterplant.
Today we used 4' of water from our storage tank. From 30' to 26'....once it reaches 16' we are Planning on shutting water off to town, so there's enough for a backwash and for fire protection. Hopefully we don't have to shut water off to town. So please conserve your water usage.
Thanks again, Klawock public works.

2.7 Mile St. Nick photos courtesy of Chaundell Piburn and "Pete"

As of this writing Monday at 10pm the roads have been cleared however, there is still debris so drive safe and be careful! 

POW Report is grateful for all the hard work countless individuals have done and will due to clean up and keep our communities safe and operational with heat and water and electricity! 

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