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Saturday, October 31, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] Citizens for Eric Rhodes


Written by citizens to Elect Eric Rhodes for Mayor


Why should Thorne Bay residents vote ERIC RHODES for MAYOR? What are the qualities Eric has that makes him perfect for the position and responsibilities? During his less than a month period, Eric was Mayor Pro Tempore. Eric illustrated the qualities that would make the City of Thorne Bay a well-run and successful city.

1. Eric takes ownership of tasks and problems. While Mayor Pro Tem, Eric executed mayorial responsibilities by taking on tasks that were neglected by the prior mayor and city administrator Here are some of his accomplishments while acting mayor.

  • Knowing the importance of farming grants for projects beneficial to the residents of the City, Eric reached out to different departments of Alaska State Government to identify our potential for new grant projects. Currently the city is working on one of those grants.
  • Mayors have a responsibility not just to City residents, but to City employees, Eric discovered unfinished paperwork with the city employees which include two raises that were given, however never paid out. The paperwork sat around for months so our city employees never truly got their raise/ or promotion they were promised and legally bound to receive.
  • Eric recognizes the need for expert help and has the drive to locate the resource. Eric helped get the city in order by either working directly on the tasks or locating the resource that can do the job. For example locating an EMS contact on the island that helped Thorne Bay resolve billing and coding issues that the city, in their words, “...could never figure it out”.
  • Eric recognizes that streamlining processes/procedures for City responsibilities results in better resource management and smarter use of City finances; Eric was instrumental in developing an efficient process for the city to purchase vehicles and equipment. They are processes the city is currently using to purchase new vehicles.
  • Once again, recognizing the importance of locating funding to improve City infrastructure so the City of Thorne Bay is attractive for new businesses and residents, Eric, during his brief tenure as mayor pro tempore reached out to AP&T to locate grants for a potential substation generator for South Thorne Bay and Kasaan that the prior administration apparently overlooked.


2. Why and how does Eric gets things done? LEADERSHIP.

Eric has the energy and decision making ability to collect and collate information and make decisions in the best interest of the City. He is capable of making the "hard decisions'.

An example - during the tenure of the prior city administrator, Eric found that according to the Department of Commerce, Thorne Bay's poverty score has gone up from 36.7 to 53.1 in recent years.

Why is it in the interests of the City of Thorne Bay to continue its relationship with the prior city administrator whose policies and interests were evidently against the best interests of the City? One would think not. Yet, responsible and reliable sources alerted the acting Mayor that the Mayor and City Administrator (and whoever else)) potentially had secretly met in violation of the open meeting act to extend the ex-city administrators tenure via telecommunicating from his home in Idaho.

Eric acted decisively in preventing the continued outflow of funding the City can ill afford for negative returns. He protected the city from lawsuits by respecting the financial aspects of the City's contract with the prior administrator yet removing him from City Hall thereby preventing/discouraging further palace intrigues that are not in the best interests of the City.

3. Eric is the leader to take Thorne Bay into a strong FUTURE.

  • Eric recognizes the importance of infrastruce to bringing money to the community thus his aggressive pursuit of grants and monies to improve City infrastructures and bring in residents and businesses to provide sales taxes, support existing local businesses.
  • Eric council votes reflects his recognition that it is the responsibility of city government to provide the environment and infrastructure that protects and promotes personal and property values of all city residents and businesses. For example, he recognizes the importance maintaining a strong Fire/EMS presence on the northside of the City, as well as the importance of re-instating the Fire/EMS that protected Southside residents and property. The dismantling of the Davidson Fire/EMS by the prior City Administrator and City Council not only has and continues to endanger Thorne Bay residents and property, it puts the City in the position of severe and certain civil and possibly criminal liability.
  • An important aspect of leadership is transparancy, fairness, and to show respect to the city ordinances, and to all citizens in the City regardless of their physical address, which social or religious affiliation, whether they are charming, direct, or rude (though he prefers a more congenial discussion of differences). A friend of Eric has to pay the same fines as a stranger to Eric. He is not in office for the benefit of certain individuals or groups, but for the benefit of the City as a whole.
  • You may not agree with every decision or act by Eric, there is no doubt that he makes them. And there is no doubt that he intends to move this city out of the negativism that has dogged it and prevented it from moving forward.
  • With his positive attitude and energetic willingness to take responsibility and act accordingly, Eric's leadership will move the city forward so the city can meet current and future challenges by directing city resources towards making Thorne Bay successful.
  • Eric has vast experience as an sucessful business owner working with water damage restoration, multi-media services, and landscape design. He has also trained and supervised insurance agents, financial representatives and advisors for multi-billion dollar firm,and in the course of all of this, he has had security clearances and background checksproving his past. He has also worked on 5 military bases as a contractor. Eric also has a gentle side that showed when he was trusted and loved as a local substitute teacher for two years, and currently on the work for a tribe here on the island.

Failures of his opponent

  • His opponent has been on the City Council for 16 years. During her tenure as a City leader, according to the Department of Commerce, Thorne Bay's poverty score has gone up from 36.7 to 53.1 in recent years. Is this the future we want for this City?
  • Though we have been told that City Council members are representative towards ALL city of Thorne Bay residents - southside as well as northside, his opponent has not shown herself to NOT be inclusive, to not be a representative of ALL City of Thorne Bay residents or to members of the City Council with whom she disagrees. indulging in rude hand gestures, rude and disparaging comments directed towards southside residents attending city council meetings, etc. Colorful...but..really????? Mayor????


From small business in a rural community, to the highest levels of corporate America, Eric Rhodes has been trusted to make critical decisions with people's health and wealth. While he is only 40 years old, he has more business acumen and experience with large projects and managing money than his opponent will ever have. Rome was not built in a day, nor will Thorne Bay be pulled into the future in a day, but we gotta start somewhere, and Eric is THE leader get the City moving forward.

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