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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] Nov. 3rd Presidential Election and Thorne Bay Mayoral Election!


While we all recognize the importance of the Presidential Election, the City of Thorne Bay faces a critical election for Mayor of this community. Please read the following and place your vote accordingly. 

Cindy Edenfield has lived in Thorne Bay since 1993. For the past 25 years she has been the backbone of the life saving efforts for anyone in need through Thorne Bay Emergency Services. Starting out as dispatcher she has filled every role needed, up to and including Head of Emergency Services. EMS became a focus of her efforts early on with fundraising, back office support, training and coordination, etc. With deep care for the people of Thorne Bay, Cindy has always operated with an eye toward the future needs of this community. In City Hall you will find a commendation from the Governor of Alaska recognizing her, and her 28 member volunteer EMS squad. In addition, Cindy has been a City Council member for the last seven years, and an election judge for the last 12 years, and has participated and attended virtually every civic function. She is the only candidate with this history and commitment to the people of Thorne Bay. Her deep sense of service to this community continues and makes Cindy Edenfield the wise choice for Mayor of Thorne Bay.

Running against Cindy Edenfield, Eric Rhodes is a relatively new resident of the community having lived here for only a few years. He was elected to the City council little more than a year ago. During this time the Mayor and Vice Mayor were both away on travel, and Mr Rhodes was tasked with acting as Mayor Pro Temp. During this brief responsibility he took it upon himself to suspend the City Administrator, the day before the administrator left on planned retirement. Mr. Rhodes did not have the required Council approval for this action, and as a result he was the subject of a recall election which he narrowly defeated by only eight votes. In addition, Mr Rhodes has no history of participating or attending any community activities (short of Council meetings since becoming a council member), demonstrating a total lack of community spirit. 

I highly recommend that you do NOT vote for Eric Rhodes for Mayor, having proved himself unfit for the office. 

Gregory Kerkof

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