SEAFAC Will be Conducting Operations in Western Behm Canal October 31 – November 8 - P.O.W. Report

Friday, October 30, 2020

SEAFAC Will be Conducting Operations in Western Behm Canal October 31 – November 8


Ketchikan Gateway Buro:

SEAFAC will be conducting operations in Western Behm Canal October 31 – November 8. For safety, all vessels transiting Behm Canal west of Clover Passage between Tatoosh rocks and Pt Francis during this period are required to coordinate their movements with SEAFAC Range Control on VHF 12 or 16.

Do you have questions or want to discuss your transit plan ahead of time? Contact SEAFAC Site Director Jennifer Kelso at 907-228-7055 /

The Southeast Alaska Acoustic Measurement Facility (SEAFAC) is the Navy’s only West Coast asset for making high fidelity passive acoustic signature measurements. SEAFAC includes directive line arrays, data collection and processing systems for real-time data analysis and signature evaluation.

As the Navy's primary acoustic engineering measurement facility in the Pacific, SEAFAC provides the capability to perform RDT&E evaluations to determine the sources of radiated acoustic noise, to assess vulnerability, and to develop quieting measures.

Located in Behm Canal near Ketchikan, Alaska, the facility provides an ideal ship acoustic measurement site characterized by low ambient noise and minimal noise interference. SEAFAC supports submarine operations over a full range of speeds and depths required for underway tests during acoustic trials. SEAFAC is also capable of supporting submarine target strength measurements.

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