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Monday, November 2, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] Eric Rhodes the Right Choice for Mayor of Thorne Bay


Eric has vast experience as a sucessful business owner working with water damage restoration, multi-media services, and landscape design. He has also trained and supervised insurance agents, financial representatives and advisors for multi-billion dollar firms. In the course of all of this, he has had security clearances and background checks proving his past. He has also worked on 5 military bases as a contractor. Eric displayed a gentle side as well when he was a trusted and loved local substitute teacher for two years and went on to work for a tribe here on the island. From small business in a rural community, to the highest levels of corporate America, Eric Rhodes has been trusted to make critical decisions for people's health and wealth. While he is only 40 years old, he has more business acumen and experience with large projects and managing money than his opponent will ever have.

After many hours of discussion, Eric Rhodes was considered to be the best choice for mayor of Thorne Bay as proven by these facts:

  • Eric took ownership and executed mayoral responsibilities during his very brief time as acting mayor (mayor pro tem) by completing unfinished business left by the prior mayor and city administrator. Here are a few of Eric's accomplishments while acting as mayor:
  • Eric reached out to different departments of the state to identify our potential for new grant projects. (Currently the city is working on one of those grants).
  • Eric finalized all paperwork with the city employees which included two raises that were granted, but never paid out. (Paperwork sat around for months and our city employees never got their raises or promotions they had been promised and were legally bound to receive.
  • Eric helped get the city in order after discovering an EMS contact on the island that has been wanting to help Thorne Bay solve all of its billing and coding problems. (For years the city has stated “we could never figure it out”)
  • Eric was instrumental in working out a new efficient way for the city to handle its equipment and vehicle purchases.
  • Eric reached out to AP&T to find previous grants for a potential substation generator for South Thorne Bay and Kasaan. (This had been completely missed).
  • Eric found grant applications from 2018-2019 that had only one or two scribbles on them. The city never followed through. Eric did.
  • Eric found that according to the Department of Commerce, Thorne Bay's poverty score had gone up from 36.7 to 53.1 in recent years


Eric has the energy and decision making ability to collect and collate information and can make decisions in the best interest of the City.

For example:

-Responsible and reliable sources alerted the acting Mayor that the Mayor and City Administrator (and whoever else) had against open meeting act decided to extend the ex-city administrator's tenure beyond the stated time without taking into consideration the best interests of the city. The information came from city employees that stated the former administrator would be around for several months afterwards while working from his home in Idaho.

-Eric shows foresight and understanding of the responsibilities of the mayor in leading the town forward.
For example: he recognizes that dismantling the Davidson Fire/EMS has endangered Thorne Bay residents and property. This is the responsibility of the mayor and city government to provide protection and safety of all city residents. These actions placed the city in the position of severe and certain liability, whereas his opponent was part of the decision to dismantle Davidson Landing and has not shown support of reinstating the Fire/EMS at Davidson Landing.

-Decisions Eric made positively affected the city. As city council member decisions he supported furthered the cementing of the city as one city. You may not agree with every decision or act by Eric, but he shows respect for all residents of the city regardless of their physical address or who they are or are not. He intends to move this city out of the negativism that has dogged it and prevented it from moving forward. With his positive attitude he will move the city forward so the city can meet current and future challenges. He will strive to make Thorne Bay what it claims to be in it's logo: "Visit Thorne Bay---the friendly bay”

Failures of his opponent:

  • His opponent may be a long time resident of Thorne Bay, and her service is respected, however the breakdown of Fire/EMS at Davidson was while she was at the helm.
  • His opponent was against anything that would benefit a large percentage of the community.
  • His opponent has made public comments that have been divisive to the community.
  • His opponent even went as far as making a statement to those who remained after a long city council meeting with a long executive session, that to her, all of the important people were gone.
  • His opponent appeared to work for a select few. This was shown by the endorsement of a newly elected council member, who has been to possibly two or three council meetings in the past two years.
  • His opponent has also been seen making obscene gestures at fellow council members and city employees, which we find inappropriate.
  • His opponent may have even broken the law, by campaigning at the polls, potentially breaking Alaska election laws.

So do you want a divisive mayor; one with no moral compass or do you want Eric Rhodes to lead us into a positive new future for all the community of Thorne Bay?

Citizens for Elect Eric Rhodes Mayor

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