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Sunday, November 1, 2020

[Letter to the Editor] The Needed Change by Kenny Skaflestad


Kenny Skaflestad is the better choice for our State Representative in District 35 and here is why: 

1. Former City Mayor, Councilmember, Public Works Director and Civic activist. 

2. Commercial Fisherman: Advocate for all fisheries and sensible management 

3. Civil Construction Supervisor, Foreman, Operator and Tradesman 

4. Alaska Native : Champion of positivity in the blend of cultures, new and ancient. 

5. Conservative values and registered Republican 

6. Understanding the political processes with alot of experience in Juneau and Washington D.C.. 

7. Negotiator, Dealmaker and bull-dog in a fight. Constitutional advocate. 

8. Grasp of needs and wants in the region. For example, the PFD is an economic stimulator.

9. Would not consider more taxation without the consensus of the voters. 

10. Blue-Collar working man with compassion for all walks of people and situations. 

11. Knows we can't remedy Alaska's challenges with the same team that brought us to this current mess. 

12. A listener, honest man and a work-horse. 

These and many more, are reasons “Kenny Karl” Skaflestad should be our new Rep in the Legislature. 

Quotes by Kenny: 

1. “The ferry system is not a political football, it is our road to town and a way of life.” 

2. “Spending beyond our income level makes no more sense in government than it does in our home.” 

3. “Both drug and human traffickers must become convinced that neither are welcome nor tolerated.” 

4. “Solving alcohol and drug addictions are issues that government can help in a way that effects the souls of many people.” 

5. “Dividend, by definition, means a sum given directly to the stakeholders. If they individually wish to forward that dividend to government for spending, then so be it; but only with express individual permission.” 

November 3rd marks the last day you can vote for change. To not vote is a waste.



He'll answer and follow up with you. What a change already! 


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