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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Message from Ketchikan Mayor Dial and Zero Hospitalizations


This is Rodney Dial, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor. 

 Throughout the pandemic the community has pulled together and we have done remarkably well protecting public health while minimizing the impacts to our economy and quality of life.   Unfortunately, due to a recent increase in cases the community has moved to level 3, the High-Risk Level. The response from the business community has been remarkable as many have taken extra precautions such as reducing capacity to less than 50%, and redoubling social distancing and sanitation procedures. In addition, we are asking that all bars close to help us gain control of our outbreak.   Failure to stem the growth of cases at this point, could lead to greater restrictions on our businesses in the future…something we all want to avoid. Remember the goal… keep the curve flat, to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed.  This is best way to keep people safe and keep our economy open.   Thank you for leading the way Ketchikan, stay strong.


Know your risk and follow EOC risk mitigation recommendations at

12 New Cases:

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