Trooper Report Week of May 9, 2021 - P.O.W. Report

Monday, May 17, 2021

Trooper Report Week of May 9, 2021


Location: Nenana

Type: Scheme to Defraud Over $10,000

Dispatch Text:

Update 5/11: After a thorough investigation by the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s Financial Crimes Unit, it was determined that 63-year-old Nenana resident Vickie Moyle, manager of the Senior Center in Nenana, authored a “deal” with an elderly resident of Nenana, to have Jensen sell the victim’s home valued at $71,000.00 to Moyle’s daughter, 44-year-old Nenana resident Annie Williams, for 13 monthly payments of $500.00 (approximately $6,533.67 total.)  The victim was led to believe that the City of Nenana was going to foreclose on the home, and was advised by Moyle that it was better to get something for the home than nothing.  Williams and Moyle knew the back taxes owed on the home to the City were not collectible due to a 6-year period for collection of the old tax debt.  Williams rushed the victim to a notary to sign a quitclaim deed on the property turning it over to Williams.  Moyle stated she knew that Jensen would have to pay over $17,000.00 in grant money she had received several years ago for home repair to the IRHA (Interior Regional Housing Authority) if she were to move from the property within 5 years of receiving the funds.  This would have caused the victim to incur the debt to IRHA and lose the equity of her home that had no mortgage.

On April 23, 2021, both Moyle and Williams were indicted on one count of Scheme to Defraud (B Felony) and one count of Theft in the First degree (B Felony).  

Original: On 10/1/19, at 1337, A Nenana Tribal Chief contacted the VPSO to review real estate documents. The initial  Investigation determined a 71 year old female was provided false information on the value of her homes worth during the sale of her residence.  AST Financial Crimes Unit took over the investigation.  Based on all information provided in this matter, a report will be sent to the Fairbanks DAO for prosecution.     

Location: Ketchikan

Type: Warrant Arrest x 2, MICS 5th Degree x3, False Information, VCOR

Dispatch Text:

On 05/11/2021 at about 2235 hours, the Alaska State Troopers conducted a traffic stop on a Nissan Pick-up truck for an equipment violation in the 600 Block of Stedman Street.  Investigation revealed that the driver Walter Young, age 44 of Craig had an outstanding $7,500 arrest warrant issued by the POW Court for failure to remand as ordered from the original charges of Reckless Driving and MICS 5th Degree.  Young was also found to be in possession of Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.  Further investigation revealed that a passenger Charles Teal, age 41 of Ketchikan was in possession of Heroin and non-prescribed medication.  Another passenger was later identified as Courtney Thompson, age 31 of Ketchikan.  Thompson provided another person's name upon contact and was found to have an outstanding No Bail warrant issued by the Ketchikan Courthouse reference the original charge of Hindering Prosecution in the 1st Degree.  Young was remanded to Ketchikan Correctional Center on his warrant and the new charges of MICS 5th Degree, and two counts of VCOR.  Teal was arrested for two counts of MICS 5th Degree and remanded to Ketchikan Correctional Center and Thompson was arrested and remanded on her no bail warrant and the new charge of False Information.  AST would like to thank the Ketchikan Police Department for their assistance with the investigation and great investigative skills.   

Location: Ketchikan

Type: DWLS

Dispatch Text:

On 05/13/2021 at about 1719 hours, the Alaska State Troopers conducted a traffic stop on a red Chevrolet Impala in the 2400 Block of Tongass Avenue.  The vehicle was stopped after AST identified the driver as Joseph Harper, age 38 of Ketchikan who had a Suspended license and had been previously cited for Driving While License Suspended.  Harper was arrested for DWLS and remanded to Ketchikan Correctional Center.  Further charges are being forwarded to the District Attorney's Office on Harper.  AST would like to thank Ketchikan Police Department for their assistance with the investigation.

Location: Ketchikan

Type: No evidence of sex Black bear

Dispatch Text:

On 5/14/2021 the Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Cody Forrester (28) of Ketchikan for failing to leave the evidence of sex naturally attached to the hide before sealing the hide.  The set bail/fine for this offense is $170 and does not require a mandatory court appearance in the First Judicial District Court in Ketchikan.

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