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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Supporting Revitalization of the Canoe Way of Life


From Go Fund Me:

The cover photo is an example of the canoe we wish to purchase for our community. 
Every year there is a Tribal Canoe Journey that celebrates our revitalization of life, living on the water. And every year we have to borrow a dugout canoe in order to participate in the journey.

I am raising funds to purchase a fiberglass replica of a dugout canoe that I will dedicate usage to my community and nearby village, Saxman, AK. The funds raised will go towards purchasing the canoe as well as required safety gear like life jackets and emergency communication devices such as an EPIRB.

I will maintain ownership and maintenance of the canoe. I will make it readily available for the indigenous people's of Ketchikan area. I will also include any non-native individuals who are seeking to also get in the canoe. As I have learned from working with youth, inclusion is everything.

We have yet to create a nonprofit organization for our community of Ketchikan for this activity. We will soon. I do not wish to get rich off of sharing my culture, I just want to help keep it strong.

The canoe would be used for cultural activities such as subsistence harvesting, language immersion field trips, youth leadership training, and drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs, as well as tourism.

All funds raised from these ventures will go towards canoe repair, repair/replacement of safety gear and emergency equipment, harvesting and food preserving equipment, safety support vessel fees with a small fund to go towards eventually purchasing a full time safety support vessel for the canoe and last but not least, insurance. 

Anyone contributing to this campaign will have access to be able to get in the canoe anytime you are near the canoe. We will create social media accounts and notify when and where the canoe will be. We would very much like to travel ancestral water routes from Alaska, all along the Coastal communities of the Pacific Ocean.

We will also provide gifts based on a donation scale to include prints, miniature canoe paddles, model red cedar dugout canoes, and even full size canoe paddles. 

A: $25 print of picture of the Canoe
B: $75 print of artist signed drawing of the Canoe
C: $100 miniature Canoe Paddle pendant
D: $150 Red Cedar Canoe model
E: $300 1 print, miniature canoe paddle and model canoe
F: $400 full size Canoe Paddle, includes print
G: $600 full size Canoe Paddle with formline painted design.  Includes print
H: $1000 You choose hand painted design on full size Canoe Paddle, model canoe, 3 miniature canoe paddle pendants and 3 of each print
I: $1800 items in H x2

Please reply to the message thanking you for your kind donation. 

In our language we say "aatlein Gunałchéesh" which means many thanks.

About me:

Gaanax aya ya'ada yuduwasaakw Tlingit xeinax saa. Tlingit xat sitee. Gaanax.adi xat sitee. Yéil nax xat sitee. Kichxahan aani Aya xat.

My name in Tlingit is Watcher of the Gaanax.adi. I am Tlingit. I come from the Gaanax.adi clan. I am Raven. I come from Ketchikan

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