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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Crafters Market in Coffman Cove was a Success


Photo courtesy of Katherine Martin

On August 14th after board members cancelled the By the Sea: Arts & Seafood Festival due to Covid, Cody Carver decided to step up and continue the tradition and created the "Crafters Market". 

Cody Carver writes: 

It couldn’t have happened without all of the wonderful 19 vendors willing to share their gifts with us! And the customers who supported them! It was so nice to see everyone’s smiling faces and the constant flow of people coming in from 10a until about 3:30p. It was refreshing and heartwarming. There was a moment I had a little lump in my throat. Near the end of the day, I talked to each vendor and they all said it was absolutely worth coming out; a lot sold out, some broke even, many got new orders to keep them busy this winter, and one answered that they didn’t care how much they sold - just to be out doing this, seeing people smile, and being in the fresh air was all they needed. I asked a few vendors how many people they thought attended and they estimated by transactions that around 300-350 people throughout the 6 hours. And I think that’s a great turnout. There were so many community members doing small jobs and big jobs. We really pulled together at the last minute and made a lot of people happy.


We had the full support of the president on the Arts and Seafood board and the newest members. She had done a lot of hard work for the festival.”

The estimate for attendance was between 300-350 people. The Arts and Seafood festival has new board members and are excited to proceed with events for next year

Photo courtesy of Nicole Pope

If you would like to follow the Crafters Market Facebook page and see other pictures click [here] for the Arts and Seafood Festival page click [here].

POW Report would like to thank Cody and all the vendors and volunteers who made this event possible--you should all be very proud of stepping up and hosting this event!

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