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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Dennis Sylvia Seat B Thorne Bay City Council Candidate


Dennis Sylvia Candidate Statement


I am running for City Council because we need council members who will work to improve city infrastructure, attract new businesses, and help navigate Thorne Bay through the challenges of expected reductions in federal and state funding. As an introduction, I moved to Thorne Bay 20 years ago to serve as the USFS’ Zone Planner on Prince of Wales. My wife and I were captured by the island’s beauty and purchased a home here. Subsequently, my federal career took me to other states, returning to our Thorne Bay home following retirement in 2016. Recently, I have been working remotely for a national consulting firm but soon will be leaving that firm, allowing me more time to devote to our community. 

As a candidate for city council, I offer my experience and perspective gained through education (PhD Geosciences and MS Civil Engineering) and more importantly through service to our country as an Air Force officer, federal land manager, and environmental program manager. If elected, I would focus on working with other council members and engaging the community through ad hoc working groups to favorably position Thorne Bay for the future. 

I respectfully request your vote for Seat B on city council.

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