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Monday, October 18, 2021

POW to be Featured on FOX Business Network Monday [18th]

The show will air on Monday October 18th at 8 PM/Eastern Time on FOX Business Network


Episode Description:

The men and women aboard a massive fishing boat in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska toil 24/7 to harvest America's sustenance from the sea. But after coming up short on their last trip, the pressure is on to fill their quota this time out and get the whole operation back in the black.


How America Works on Fox Business:

How America Works (Mondays at 8PM/ET). Narrated by Mike Rowe, the hour-long series will showcase the many individuals that work round the clock to keep our infrastructure in working order. Rowe has been an advocate for the nation’s unsung heroes with successful shows such as Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and After the Catch. In 2008, he founded the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, which awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in the skilled trade industry. Additionally, he’s voiced numerous documentaries and in 2011, testified before the United States Senate Commerce Committee about the skilled labor workforce and in 2014, testified in front of the House Committee on Natural Resources. A bestselling author, Rowe has penned several titles, including “The Way I Heard It” and “Profoundly Disconnected, A True Confession from Mike Rowe.”

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