Prince of Wales Sports Fishing Harvest Report 2020 - P.O.W. Report

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Prince of Wales Sports Fishing Harvest Report 2020


Alaska Department of Fish and Game Will Begin Mailing Annual Sport Fishing Survey

(Statewide) - Anglers who purchased an Alaska sport fishing license in 2021 may soon receive a copy of the 2021 Alaska Sport Fishing Survey—an annual mail survey conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) to assess where sport fishing occurs and estimate how many fish are caught and kept from sport fishing locations across Alaska.

This week, the ADF&G Division of Sport Fish will begin mailing the first wave of 2021 Alaska Sport Fishing Surveys. The survey is sent to approximately 47,000 randomly selected Alaska resident and nonresident households having at least one (1) person who purchased a sport fishing license or who holds a permanent form of license in 2021. Conducted every year since 1977, the Alaska Sport Fishing Survey is a scientific survey that asks anglers to recall basic information on the number of days fished by members of their household and to report the number of fish caught and harvested by species and location fished in 2021.

Selected angler households receive a detailed survey booklet and a full-color fish identification index. Postage-paid envelopes are provided for returning the survey to ADF&G.

The information collected by the Alaska Sport Fishing Survey is used to produce detailed estimates of the total sport fishing effort (days fished) and the total number of fish caught and kept by species and fishing location. This information, combined with other “on-the-ground” creel surveys and data gathering efforts is an essential part of the division’s mission to protect and improve Alaska’s sport fisheries.

Anglers who have questions about the survey or information requested may contact us at 907-267-2280 or by e-mail at: Results of the 2021 Alaska Sport Fishing Survey will be available by fall 2022. Results from previous survey years can be found on the Alaska Sport Fishing Survey website.

Area FishedResponses
Boat - Clarence Strait17271430068576039621000003273297145040
Boat - Coffman Cove132911,5730166516368260000034710117312740
Boat - Thorne Bay132602,509010337401,0091100000632013861410
Boat - Whale Passage213181,013084600411000000477311558277672
Boat - other Prince of Wales Island east side1252,5129,72006333,9801095,017252030002,9222598554311,753200
Boat - Craig area1241,9657,64201,8268,363641,136154000002,7861,017781734,2240
Boat - Dall Island215001,04803501,06905270000004959817286690
Boat - Noyes Island1352,2055,99802,5455,6594957411000003,856965591325,7597
Boat - Sea Otter Sound548602,80403913,4140828370000092631267722,442244
Boat - other Prince of Wales Island west side1181,9119,49001,7864,584161,6047612700002,8436234832124,869117
Boat - other91777690013001240000001974447139740
Saltwater Total6679,47344,08807,72629,11236912,219597127300015,2393,4112,1131,32021,485640
Eagle Creek132065150029074000000000000
Harris River12182732002980962100000000000
Thorne River and Lake256442,5520027672438117030000000000
Other East Prince of Wales streams and lakes415731,587005788410624034130000000
Klawock River456923,431004,3440354121120000000000
Staney Creek284521,1130012102886671201660000000
Other West Prince of Wales streams and lakes813523100641244000000000000
Other streams466198004140221100000000000
Freshwater Total1761,92610,359005,5451211,600937751050190000000
Grand Total84310,34954,44707,72634,65749013,8191,53487835019015,2393,4112,1131,32021,485640

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