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Monday, November 22, 2021

[Job Posting] Klawock SEARHC Environmental Services


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SEARHC is a non-profit health consortium which serves the health interests of the residents of Southeast Alaska. We see our employees as our strongest assets. It is our priority to further their development and our organization by aiding in their professional advancement. 


Working at SEARHC is more than a job, it’s a fulfilling career. We offer generous benefits, including retirement, paid time off, paid parental leave, health, dental, and vision benefits, life insurance and long and short-term disability, and more.

Job Overview:

This position is under the general supervision of the Facility Services Coordinator. Environmental Service Worker provides a dual role including light maintenance, preventive maintenance and environmental service work. Activities require strict adherence to cleaning specifications and protocols, proper use of chemicals and equipment and adherence to maintenance and engineering specifications and protocols to ensure a healthy and visually clean environment. Decisions and recommendations are typically limited to following policies and procedures already in place and direction from the immediate supervisor. Environmental Service Worker have a direct impact on critical infection control practice, facility condition and safety, and accreditation therefore making their work essential to SEARHC’s healthcare mission. 


  • Cleans and disinfects with friction all environmental surfaces including entire exam rooms, waiting areas, bathrooms (includes showers if applicable), as well as staff offices, furniture, hallways, sweeping and moping. Maintain a healthy and clean visual appearance of entire building well properly using environmental services equipment. 
  • Replenish supplies in areas such as patient care rooms, restrooms, and all other areas as needed. Supplies include paper products, linen, soaps, sharps containers, terminal cleaning supplies, and parts needed for environmental services equipment.
  • Disposes of solid waste, regulated medical waste according to procedures in the SEARHC Safety and Infection Control manuals and Environmental Services Policy and Procedure manuals. This may vary by campus.                                      
  • Launders includes sorting, washing linen, towels, scrubs etc., drying, folding, storing, refill exam rooms and other designated spots.
  • Helps maintain security by ensuring all doors and windows are locked, unused appliances are turned off or unplugged 
  • Empty garbage, clean vents, walls and windows.
  • Wash privacy curtains no less than quarterly unless soiled. 
  • Log Environmental Services activity in log book daily, month, quarterly. E washing cubical curtains, QUAT checks, washing windows. 
  • Assist in recycling activities according to local Environmental Services Policy and Procedure manuals. This may vary by campus. 
  • Provides simple nontechnical repairs such as replacing screws, nails and light bulbs. Reports building maintenance needs to supervisor in a timely manner 
  • When directed by supervisor, assist with operation of the building mechanical system; does preventive maintenance tasks not requiring a licensed technician and “handyman” tasks such as moving and setting up office furniture, assist with setting up conference rooms, handling freight. When Directed by supervisor or Rural Facility Manager, assist with periodic maintenance test and checks on life safety equipment that needs to be documented to PM forms. Documents boiler status with photo or log at the beginning and end of shift. May be required to log boiler status on weekends or holidays during cold temperature months. 
  • May assists in vehicle ferry loading and offloading, grounds care, snow and ice removal, other light maintenance activities as needed. This may vary by campus.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • High school diploma or GED 
  • 1 year healthcare or other commercial environmental services experience preferred
  • 1 year or more years work experience in general repair preferred.


  • Valid driver’s license is preferred

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


  • Practical knowledge of cleaning skills. Failure to clean adequately would be detected by complaints from patients or staff and through quality assurance inspections.
  • Basic knowledge of infection control. Failure to follow infection control policy and procedures is detected by an increase in the endemic hospital-acquired infection rate, by complaint from patients or staff, or through Quality Assurance inspections.
  • Basic knowledge of policies and procedures. Failure to follow all relevant policies and procedures would be detected by quality assurance inspections and could manifest in loss of accreditation or fines during facility surveys.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting safely and per policies and procedures.


  • Skilled in maintaining cleaning equipment.
  • Working safely skills.


  • Ability to clean and disinfect using approved and accepted policies and procedures and cleaning products.
  • Ability to operate and basic maintenance of vacuums, rotary floor machines, burnishers, and other cleaning equipment according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Ability to follow and carry out detailed verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability to walk extensively up stairs, on exterior walking surfaces that may be slippery, uneven, or both.
  • Ability to work while bending, stooping, or reaching.
  • Ability to lift up to 35 lbs.
  • Ability to safely work on cleaning equipment.
  • Ability to use a 12 pound backpack vacuum for up to 1 hour increments.

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