A Message from the POW Arrowhead Team - P.O.W. Report

Friday, January 7, 2022

A Message from the POW Arrowhead Team

Thank you for letting us serve your propane needs!

This winter is certainly challenging everyone in our community.
The heavy snow build up and extreme cold is making a lot of
extra work and concern for homeowners and business owners.

Please be patient as our propane drivers do their best to meet
everyone's needs. WE appreciate YOUR HELP in keeping
a clear path to your propane tank, and doing what you can to
make your driveway accessible to our large trucks. We're 
working extra hours and need to keep moving quickly and
safely to get all the deliveries done to keep everyone warm.
To keep your system operating properly, make sure snow is
not accumulating around your gas regulator and appliance vents.
Remove overhanging snow that may fall on your tank or exposed
Also, if you have increased your usage of any gas appliances,
more than usual for this time of year, please let us know, and 
provide a current reading of your gas gauge, so we can update
your delivery intervals accordingly.
We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2022!

Mike, Dennis, Marc, Emmet, Bubba, Josh
Sharilyn, Ann, Heidi & Tylene
Your Prince of Wales Arrowhead LP Gas Team

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