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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Salmon Harvest Update for the 2021 Season


Forecasts for Alaska’s 2022 salmon season are mostly not yet completed; track ADF&G’s website to see them as they become available.

The complete 2021 Alaska salmon harvest season beat both the pre-season projection and the 2020 (2019 for pinks) season total by about 25% in terms of number of fish. The harvest totals were led by strong harvests of pink and sockeye salmon.

Small average fish size in 2021 tempers some of the good news from fish harvests counts, as seen in preliminary data for harvest volume in pounds on page 2. The total harvest was up only 18% from 2020 (2019 for pinks) based on total pounds. Areas where small fish particularly influenced the disparity between fish count and fish weight numbers include Southeast Alaska (where pink salmon averaged 2.8 pounds) and the Alaska Peninsula, where sockeye weighed an average of 4.8 pounds in 2021. Statewide, all salmon species except pinks saw their lowest average weight per fish since at least 1975.

Thanks to both higher prices and higher volumes, the total ex-vessel salmon harvest in 2021 of $643.9 million is up substantially (78%) from the preliminary salmon ex-vessel value reported last year. The 2021 revenue total will likely be adjusted upwards next year to account to retroactive payments.  

Harvest updates are produced weekly during the salmon season by McKinley Research Group on behalf of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.


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