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Monday, November 30, 2015

Craig Tribal Association "Emergency Planning" Meeting December 9th

Emergency Planning in Craig:

The Craig Tribal Association (CTA) is seeking input from Craig tribal members, residents and others about emergency planning in Craig at a public meeting on Wednesday December 9 at 3 PM at the Craig Tribal Hall.

The CTA is developing a Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan and is seeking ideas and comments. The CTA is also recruiting for members of a planning committee that will oversee the planning process. 

Hazard Mitigation is sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long term risk to people and property from foreseeable hazards. Hazards might include earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, landslides, or windstorms. Mitigation projects might include protecting critical infrastructure, developing robust emergency plans, or training responders and the public about emergency response.

The CTA is interested in hearing about what hazards people are most concerned about, what places or resources are most at risk from hazards, who might need extra help in a disaster, and what gaps exist in current emergency response plans. Everyone is invited to the Tribal Hall on Wednesday December 9th at 3 PM to share their ideas, or you can contact Bob Claus, the Emergency Planner for the Craig Tribal Association, at or (907) 826-3996 anytime.

Contact: Bob Claus, (907) 826-3996,

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