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Friday, December 4, 2015

Favorite Link Friday

Young People are Losing Their Faith in the American Dream

It's about as hard for a 20-something worker to find a job today as it was in 1986. The economy is growing at a slightly slower pace, but not by much. And yet young workers today are significantly more pessimistic about the possibility of success in America than their counterparts were in 1986, according to a new Fusion 2016 Issues poll reported in conjunction with the Washington Post — a shift that appears to reflect lingering damage from the Great Recession and more than a decade of wage stagnation for typical workers. 
In the three decades between the surveys, pollsters found, the share of young Americans overall who said the American Dream "is not really alive" grew sharply from 12 to 29 percent. Among white people, it nearly tripled from 10 percent to 29 percent. One in three white non-college graduates now say it is not alive, compared to one-fifth of white college graduates; the increase from 1986 was larger for non-graduates than for graduates.  Read the rest here.

Generation Cry Baby Why Millennials are a F*cking Joke (Warning: Strong Language)

When I was a junior in high school, I had the most amazing AP English teacher. Her name was Ms. Wei. She prefaced the class by saying that she would grade us fairly, and that these grades would not always be A’s.

“I get that you and your parents all think you all are ‘special snowflakes,’ but I will grade you based on your writing, and if your parents email me complaining about these grades, I will ignore them.”

Now Ms. Wei was a little blunt for some (I freaking adored that woman, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t), but she brought up a good point.

Millennials: your parents won’t say it, and your peers won’t say it because it seems every little thing is sending you all to a therapist because you’re just sooooooo victimized, but....Read the rest here.

Just HALF a Joint of Cannabis 'Causes Psychosis-like Effects in Healthy People that's Similar to Schizophrenia', Say Experts 
Smoking cannabis can induce psychosis-like effects, similar to the symptoms people diagnosed with schizophrenia endure, scientists have said. While past research as come this this conclusion in the past, the mechanisms underlying these effects are less clear. Now, a team of scientists at Yale School of Medicine have found the active ingredient in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC) increases random neural activity, known as neural noise, in the brains of healthy drug-users.
Read more here 

Governor Walker Testifies Before U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

December 3, 2015 WASHINGTON DC – Governor Bill walker testified before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today on the implementation of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) of 1980. During his testimony, Governor Walker provided the committee with the state’s perspective on the Act’s impacts, and talked about Alaska’s need to be self-sufficient by developing its natural resources.

“I thank Senator Lisa Murkowski and members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee for inviting me, Senator John Coghill and other Alaskans to speak before them today on such an important topic,” said Governor Walker. “When Alaska became a state, we were told we would not get an I-5 or the kind of infrastructure other states had. We were told we must live off our resources. That was the deal we made. However, that was with the assumption that we would be allowed to develop our resources. The federal government has not upheld its end of the bargain.”

During his testimony to the Committee, Governor Walker said Alaska had not always benefited from two key provisions of ANILCA – balance and compromise. Section 1002 of the Act outlined a process by which the state could extract petroleum from the coastal plain of ANWR, an area that makes up only eight percent of the entire Refuge. Today, the state is seeking access to only half of the 1002 region, or just four percent of the Refuge. However, while the state has been eager to responsibly develop oil reserves in the region, it has been denied access by the federal government.

“When I deal with budget deficits, I look at not being able to fund certain things we have historically been able to fund in our great state,” Governor Walker said. “Onshore, there are potentially billions of barrels of oil that are within less than 50 miles of an existing oil pipeline that is three-quarters empty. It is very frustrating that we cannot have access to four percent of the 1002 area that was specifically set aside to be evaluated for resource development.”

Governor Walker also highlighted the importance of giving the residents of King Cove a road to Cold Bay Airport, as the very lives of community members depend on that access. When asked by Senator Murkowski what the impacts would be if the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline was no longer in operation, Governor Walker told the committee it would be detrimental to the state. “No longer running oil through our pipeline would turn our state into something we have not seen since prior to Statehood,” said Governor Walker. “And what a shame it would be, because it is not for a lack of resources, but a lack of access to our resources. I’m committed to working to ensure our people have access to all of our resources—whether it is oil, gas, minerals or timber.”

Watch Governor Walker's full Testimony Here

The Power Of Self-Discipline And Never Giving Up In The Face Of Adversity

We all dream of bigger and better things, yet few people actually rise up and become great. Sure, luck plays a part, but there is another big lesson to be learned from people who have become the greatest at what they do. That lesson has to do with the power of self-discipline and never giving up in the face of adversity. 
Everyone who has ever risen to the top, has had to overcome enormous challenges and obstacles. Many times, they even faced failure. Yet, these things did not stop them. Instead, they motivated them and drove them even more. In fact, it is these challenges and failures that defined them and served as the key factors that shaped their character. 
You should take these lessons to heart. You may not be at the place you want to be right now, but don’t despair. Instead set a goal for yourself and start working hard to achieve it. Tell yourself that you can create for yourself the life you want to live. For it is you who is the ultimate shaper of your own destiny. You are the one who determines your own happiness. Read the rest here. 


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