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Monday, September 26, 2016

Stalker in Klawock...Keep Your Eyes Open

Kristy McKenzie writes on Facebook:
Okay. I'm not one to stir the pot and I'm not one to exploit situations in the name of drama but the mother inside of me is giving me no other option than to try to spread the word via social media. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet in hopes of keeping the "island drama" to a minimum.

At 2am this morning, my fiance and I caught a large male dressed in black with a hood leaving our side yard in a hurry. When confronted, he gave us the excuse of "just leaving the neighbors house" and unfortunately we gave him the benefit of the doubt. But not without inquiring with said neighbor if they had company at all last night. To our trespassers misfortune, our neighbor did not have company last night and has therefor been caught in his lies.

He was on the side of the house with our CHILDRENS BEDROOMS AND BATHROOM.
He was in the VERY LEAST trespassing and acting undoubtedly suspicious. Please refrain from detailing all of the other horrible, horrifying things he could have been doing next to my children's rooms, as my mind has already gone there and my stomach has literally gotten sick.

The worst part about this for me, right now, is the fact that our very protective 85lb dog who stays outside behind our house was in no way affected by his presence, leading us to believe he may have befriended her already with previous visits­čśľ

I have reported this to the police departments and ask that anybody else who has suspicious activity happening do the same. The officer I spoke with was very concerned and informed me that they (Klawock PD) were aware of a couple of males that matched the description and walked through Klawock at all hours of the night.

We have lived on East Street in Klawock for almost 4 years now and rarely deal with disturbances until last night.

This is me sounding the alarm!

My peace of mind has been stolen and my babies security, trespassed upon. I will not be letting this go.

Feel free to share this information. Thank you.

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