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Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Election Day November 8th 2016! What's on the Ballot?

[Ed:] I truly believe that we are living in Historical times. History books will be written about the pivotal years of 2015-2017. This National Presidential Election is the big one and for the first time in my life-time, we have two candidates who have stark differences. One is a career politician. The other is an outsider. But I don't need to tell you this--you already know.

What to expect at the Ballot Box if you live in Southeast:

For Prince of Wales Island there are two choices for Alaska State House Representative
  • Sheila Finkenbinder
  • Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins
For Alaska State Congressional Senate We have:

  • Ted Gianoutsos
  • Ray Metcalfe
  • Joe Miller
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Margaret Stock

For Alaska State Congressional Representative We have: 

  • Steve Lindbeck
  • Jim C. McDermott
  • Bernie Souphanavong
  • Don Young

Ballot Measure 1 "An Act Allowing Qualified Individuals to Register to Vote When Applying for a Permanent Fund Dividend." [Here is my opinion on this ballot]

Ballot Measure 2  "Constitutional Amendment Allow Debt for Postsecondary Student Loans" [I wrote in the past my feelings about College based on real experience]

Voting on Alaska Judges
I have no opinion but [a reader forwarded me this opinion]

A Moment of Introspection 

[I wrote this article a few days ago] where I fully admitted I thought I was going down the rabbit hole and that where I was going there may not be proof for, however, we would see in a few days.

Turns out I ran into a dead end.

But that's Ok. Sometimes in order to get to the truth you need to hit a few road-blocks now and then. 

None the less, we do have some facts available to us (thanks to wikileaks) so do what you will with this information. We will see each other again on the other side.


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