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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

That Bad Cell Service and Dropped Calls in Klawock and Hollis? Here's What You Can do to Help

Courtesy of Janice Bush

Not only has Klawock been having bad service but so has Hollis! Here is what Janice writes:

Klawock [and Hollis] AT&T Internet users unite! Internet and any other cyber motion that involves AT&T service in the Klawock [and Hollis] area on the side of the bay opposite Anchorage Street, please call and complain! I just spent time with the Advance Technical support person on the other end of the phone line. He looked up our zip code and remarked that YES, his system check indeed told him that we who are on the opposite shore from the 'peninsula' are getting rotten coverage. But I am the only one they have heard from, so I am not a strong enough voice to find out why the tower has this blank spot!!

Unfortunately you have to go through the menu system to finally get to a person to talk to...Start with 1-800-331-0500. And thanks for any effort you make to make some noise!

Thank you Janice for taking the initiative! I will be calling today!

P.S. Yodean Armour writes: "And! Request the usual $25 discount for the current bill cycle. Call back the next month so they can discount your entire bill (minus phone "next" payments)...that's what they did for me last month for the terrible coverage over the last year. I haven't called in about this month's service yet...."

Update: Dialing 611 will also get to customer service. Please add in the comments or email if you made any progress

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  1. Just got off the phone with customer support from that number and basically they told me any complaint to them will be disregarded and treated as a technical problem with you or your phone. If something is to be done we need to call the corporate offices of AT&T and not the customer service because apparently customer service doesn't even work for AT&T they are contracted phone answerers from a different company.


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