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Monday, December 5, 2016

December Island Grind Canceled and Will Be Restructured in the Future

The December Island Grind was canceled this December due to a lack of interest but the January event is still scheduled. After asking for opinions on Facebook the following changes will occur to the organization:

We will continue the Island Grind with the following changes:
1. Vary the location monthly by village on the Island.
2. Drop to one scholarship of less than $500. (We were hoping to hear from the many families that have students that were given scholarships, but only heard from two).
3. Reduce the prize payout and continue the dessert contest, keeping with the tradition of the dessert tasting social event.
4. We will continue the Giving Grind with no changes.
5. Continue to assist in community disaster fundraising.

Thanks for your constructive comments. Hoping to keep live music alive!

Thanks to Ellen Dillman:
Five Great/Good Reasons to Go to the Grind!
• Music Scholarships: Support for our kids!
• Community Pride: Great local talent!
• Family Fun: A chance to bond!
• Live Entertainment: A break from the ordinary!
• Yummy Desserts: Bring your favorite and get in free!

[You may find their Facebook page here]

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