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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Jingle Bell Fun Run May Have Become the "Jingle Wolf Fun Buffet!"

Ok, Ok. Perhaps I need to work on my article titles but as you may know Saturday, December 10th was the "Jingle Bell Fun Run" sponsored by the POW Walkers and Runners Club in Klawock. While the participants where running, just a quarter mile away from the highway, Thomas Barlow and his relatives where hunting and shot a massive "Alpha" Wolf. Who knows perhaps they saved a poor runner from the Big Bad Wolf???

Thomas Barlow (Right), Tom George (Left)
Here is what Thomas writes happened:
"I got up in the morning getting ready to check wolf traps and my papa [Tom George] gets a call. It was a partner of my grandpa and said there were about fifteen wolves in the Klawock area. My papa says to my uncle [Mike George] and I "let's go!"

We get our .270's and load up. We start hiking into my papa's playground is what he calls it. We start hiking in and we get to the muskeg and my papa starts inching in a shell into his chamber and I spot it. The Alpha Wolf. His rifle got jammed at the last second but I put a bullet in along with my uncle behind me.

I start aiming and my papa finally gets a bullet into his rifle. He shoots it and I spot another one behind the one he shot and it starts running across the muskeg. 
My papa starts howling hoping the wolf will come in but it doesn't and get's away. It howls for about another 30 mins. And then finally stops. We start to meet up with my uncle back at the wolf to help him pack it out. By that point the runners/walkers club were just starting to pick up the cones after the race and we get our picture taken by Cathy Taber McIntosh that was picking the cones up. Then we get back to the truck and head home."

Photos by and Curtesy of Cathy Taber McIntosh:

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