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Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Resistance" Movement Comes to Craig

Contact: Lauren Henry / (907) 519-2408 / larksongster@gmail.com

Craig, Alaska - A political group dedicated to furthering progressive causes and
resisting the current Administration’s agenda is taking shape on Prince of Wales
Island. According to Lauren Henry, the group’s organizer, the motivation to create
such a group came from the Women’s March on Washington, and the Women’s
March in Craig.

“Since the election, people in Craig have been looking for an outlet for progressive
politics. The Women’s March was a beautiful moment of positivity and solidarity,
not just in Craig, but all over the world. This group is a place for that activist energy
to move beyond marching to making meaningful changes in our federal

Called People of POWer, the group had their first meeting on February 16. At that
meeting, the group officially decided on their name and their mission: to advocate
for progressive issues at the local, state, and national levels. They also decided to
announce their existence publically through flyers, social media, and other forms of
publicity. Although some members were wary of getting backlash from neighbors in
the markedly conservative area, all agreed that they needed to be visible so that
like-minded people could find them. The group also decided to affiliate with an
online group, Indivisible, which has affiliates in every state and Congressional
district in the country.

The next People of POWer meeting is scheduled for 5:30 on March 1, at The
Voyageur book store in Craig. The tentative agenda includes writing post cards to
Members of Congress to share with them the concerns and issues that group
members value.

The group’s email address is PeopleofPOWer99921@gmail.com. There is also a
People of POWer group on Facebook which people can join to get involved.

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