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[PLAN PRICE UPDATE] Satellite Internet on POW and in Alaska Has Just Upgraded! HughesNet to have Gen 5 Speed and Service

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Plan Price Update:

Alaska prices will be $500 for the purchase and $19.95 lease fee as a .98 dish will be required and a 2W transmitter. (Gen 5 will be available March 22).

The “Next Plan Up” promotion runs through June. You get the next plan up as described below. Or you can just select the price of the next lower plan. Saves either way. The business plans give you the night time bonus minutes 24/7. We have many other business plans for which Seaport, as a business, dealer, will do the billing and provide level one support – we do that anyway.

Promo $500 Purchase price on the dish through June 30. Leasing will be $19.95. Free installs until June 30.

Residential Plan

Business Plan

Call 1-888-295-0965 or Email

This news update was edited by POW Report  and given by: 
Joe Ashcraft
Seaport Telecommunications
POB 5192 Ketchikan AK 99901
907 723 5092

Hughes EchoStar XIX | JUPITER 2 Satellite Launch on December 18, 2016 was a huge success. Testing on the new satellite has been successful and Gen 5 will be set to go online on March 16th.

The speeds on all plans will be up to 25M/3M and on Jupiter 2 run pretty close to what is promised. In fact, for the last previous years HughesNet has received the prestigious Consumer World Award for it's excellent high speed reliable service.

All plans will have a 50G bonus time between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Residential plans are $50 for 10G, $60 for 20G, $80 for 30G and $129 for 50G.

The best thing is no hard data caps, so even if throttled there will still be 1 - 5M and video streaming will work.

Seaport Telecom is licensed by the state for satellite installs with required bonding and an Electrical Admin certificate. All installers are certified and have badges from Hughes.

During the switchover from Starband to HughesNet 18 months ago, Seaport prices were about $300 less on average than the on island competitor and $500 or so less than the off island guy. And where we could, we installed on a lease basis which made it even better for the customer.

There will be a seminar for the providers and installers on February 16th and then more information will come out on customer prices and when new customers can begin to signup.

Additional Information from Joe:

Plans throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico. USVI will all be the same. Right now the Gen4 prices are listed, but they will become the same as the Gen 5 except the new plans are better.

We are a business dealer, and as such are required to be first line tech support, do the billing and accounting, and set prices for the business customers. The business plans we expect to have announced next week, but essentially all the allotted bandwidth is available at speed between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and slowed to 3M after that.

I’m hoping I will be able to provide a Hughes developed chart of this by end of next week, but we’ll see on that.

Satellite connections have as a target market remote locations that do not have reasonable DSL and Cable or Fiber connections available. The drawback to a satellite connection is the .7 or so latency induced by the distance to the satellite and back 22,500 miles 4 times. But the Sonic 3 microwave system being used for transport from POW to the backbone is very limited in speed, so the Hughesnet Gen 5 will be superior on POW even if there is fiber from the house to the CO of APT. Until fiber is run to the island that scenario will probably remain.

And with Oneweb on the horizon with its intended reach of the 5 billion people on earth with little or no access, it could be that the economics of scale for all those villages on POW work a lot better for OneWeb than an investment for fiber and the connections for small populations where viability is only a couple of years maximum. Google-SpaceX are trying the same thing but as an advertiser based delivery as compared to Oneweb’s content based plan.

Anyway, Gen5 looks to be the best connection for 3 years or so, no guarantees, and technology continues to outstrip us all.

POW Report has also learned that Seaportel is looking to hire additional installers on the Island as there is currently a big demand. If you are interested get a hold of Joe Ashcraft

Seaport Telecommunications
POB 5192 Ketchikan AK 99901
907 723 5092

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