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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Editorial: What Ever You Do, Don’t Go to College!

(SitNews) - As spring blooms (or in SE rains) into view, high school seniors around the country scramble trying to decide what they will do in the next chapter of their lives after receiving their high school diplomas.

If the Generation Z seniors are a reflection of my own experience, they are currently pushed very strongly by their mothers, school counselors, teachers, pastors, Hollywood, news anchors, magazine ads, and virtually everyone else “to go to college and better yourself.”

If you express any doubts about college and perhaps suggest alternative options like joining the military or just taking a year off from school you are immediately shut down with a myriad of excuses. I know I was. The public pressure and the shaming of not going to college was so strong that I, dear reader, made the single worst decision in my life.

I went to college.

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