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While Shopping During This Holiday Season Please Help By Using the POW Report Amazon Affiliate Link

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As i've written in the past, i've structured this site with a minimal amount of advertisements as possible and instead geared it to be financed by you the reader only.

I want to thank everyone who continues to support me on Patreon and occasionally donate by PayPapal, I would like to ask in addition to these, when you shop on Amazon please use the POW Report Amazon Affiliate Link by clicking:


It doesn't cost you a single thing and a tiny fraction of your over all Amazon Cart total will go as a donation to POW Report. I need to have at least three people use the Amazon Affiliate link to be enrolled in the program. On the front page I created the Amazon Affiliate Link that you can use at your convenience at any time when you are about to shop online. 

So, please support this local business by doing your shopping using the special link! POW Report is literally just one guy (non-binary-squirel-apache-attack-helicopter). Unlike my competitor who has a plethora of hired staff, I just hire myself. 

Thanks for reading! Make sure to share the stories you enjoy on your social media accounts and support the site by:

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