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Sunday, July 1, 2018

9 Days Left to Put in Your Application for the POW Arts Exhibit!

Gretchen Klein the POW Island Wide Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit Coordinator writes: 

The count down is here to the July 10th deadline to enter! There are just 9 days left to enter the Island Wide Art Exhibit or you will miss out on this amazing event September 15th at Craig Tribal Association.

We will have our volunteer task force for POW Island Wide Art Extravaganza & Exhibit
Monday July 2nd 9am-10am at the Annie Betty's Cafe in Craig!

Please bring your applications with $25.00 or mail it in to P.O. Box 222 Craig, Alaska 99921

There will be no late entries allowed this year.

Thank you for all the volunteers and artists helping us make this happen!

As you all know, events like these don't happen very often on POW, so please come together and let us make this event another big success!

The Application:

Schedule of Events:


Kathy Peavey and Madelaine Voegeli at Strictly Local will both be offering art classes for a fee at their shops. Contact them to sign up. Space is limited
Kathy Peavey 401- 0790
Madelaine Voegeli Strictly Local Gallery

1PM-4PM Live Music & MC announcements every 30 minutes

Musician Sophia Issac - Girl from North Country & Instrumentals from Sally and John Bruns, Leighton Family, and Tonie Ogimachi

1:30PM, 2:30PM, and 3:30PM

Rock Painting with Forest Anderson and Tours and Presentations at the Healing Heart Totem pole


Food demonstrations by The Good Food/Natural Health Club which includes volunteers Bettina Brentano, Cyndi Reeves, and Melissa Matecki.

Donations and tips to the musicians and chefs are very much appreciated!

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“The Prince Wales Island Wide Art Extravaganza and Exhibit” is a fiscally sponsored project of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council."

For More Information Contact:

Gretchen Klein, Volunteer
POW Island Wide Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit
P.O. Box 222
Craig, Alaska 99921
907 617-7635

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