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Monday, January 14, 2019

City of Craig Introducing ANOTHER Tax Ordinance for Port St. Nick

POW Report has written before [here] and [here] on the City of Craig's vision regarding Port St. Nick.

The council will be meeting on Thursday, January 17th at 7pm to discuss a rewrite to the PSN ordinance, as well as;

  • Ordinance 716, Craig Child Care Center Lease Renewal
  • Ordinance 717, City Lease with Petro Marine
  • Ordinance 718, Authorizing Staff to Negotiate a Sale of Lot 9 at the JT Brown Industrial Park to Richard Trojan
  • Ordinance 719, Port St. Nicholas Road Maintenance Fees
  • Resolution 19-02, Fiscal Year 19 Shared Fisheries Business Tax

You May Find the Agenda [Here]

Politicians hate journalists responsible journalists because they (❤️yours truly❤️) is the voice able to keep government accountable. Journalists can take the heat--and we don't take it personally--however, it's up to the citizens to actually go out and make their push for ideas and concepts they value. For example, [last year] we had citizens propose getting rid of the city of Craig tax and it's their absolute right to do it.

Perhaps you even support the Port St. Nick Road Maintenance Tax, regardless of your opinion, we should all take an interest in politics and attend regular meetings because if you don't...politics will always have an interest in you.

If passed, the annual road maintenance and improvement fee is set at $150.00 per lot or tract

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