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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Update on the S.Thorne Bay/Kasaan Landslide From the DOT

A letter from the DOT to Representative Tomkins in regards to the New Years landslide: 

Sara Yockey, the Landslide Incident Commander also gives an update on behalf of the Village of Kasaan:

On January 17th ERFO Coordinators (Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads) visited the site of the landslide and completed their assessment. They will take the information collected back to complete their report and a final determination will be made soon. I do not have a date and apologize for not having more information. I would like to thank all of the residents of Kasaan and South Thorne Bay for your patients & understanding. I understand & sympathize with everyone who has been affected, I am happy to answer any & all questions the best I can. I have made myself available via phone (numbers listed below) or feel free to visit me at my office in Kasaan. More information will be posted as soon as we have it.

Cell: (907) 617-9970
Home: (907) 329-2012

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