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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Natives Rising: Thoughts about people

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Most of us have some trouble telling who is on our side and who isn't. So we butt heads with people who would love to help us and we tell all our troubles to people who either don't care or, even worse, are happy for the free dirt on us.

Wouldn't life be easier if we could tell who our friends really are? There is a way. Its actually fairly simple and we will explore that in weeks to come.

It is impossible to get through life happily without putting some faith in other people. It is impossible to get through life happily putting much faith in the wrong people. The fundamental mistake decent people make is assuming everyone has good intentions. When they figure out some people don't have good intentions at all the 2nd great mistake is made which is assuming no one has good intentions. In coming days we will explore ways of telling the difference.

What would happen if you suddenly started doing well? I don't mean what would happen to you but what would happen to the people around you?

A person who means well is generally happy to hear another is making an effort to do something for themselves. A person who should be avoided at all costs will make comments that take the joy out of hoping for personal success.
An example might be: "I am glad you have time to think about yourself. I am so worried about the starving children on Jupiter."

The reason for the difference is decent people instinctively know their life will improve if the people around them are doing better. The jerkoff thinks something bad will happen to him. He has to discourage and invalidate and will do so all day long "for your own good".

Its not "just how he is." It's evidence of a bad and maybe even evil spirit. Stay away.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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