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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Free Geese to a Good Home and Free Goats...BWAHHH!

Jan Trojan email's powreport:

A pair of goslings to a good home for free.
They are great to protect ducks. Will screen folks.

email: if you are interested.

powreport is moving on to greener pastures (heh) if you would like to sell your animals or your 2nd amendment there's an easy way to do it and just costs 5$ smackaroos. Email and i'll make a post. Since facebook won't do it, might as well use this site as a win-win. 

John Oliver writes:

I have two young goats both bucks
From off island blood lines would make great herd bucks or pets
I can band them for pets
Must go to good home not meat goats
Not after money for them, just good homes

Both animals are on POW

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