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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

POW Shooting Club Labor Day Raffle Winners

On Labor Day the Prince of Wales Shooting and Gun club held a few shooting events and had the much anticipated raffle for some fantastic 2nd Amendment prizes:

The winners of the Labor Day Raffle are:

Brian Vickers-Weatherby Vanguard SS 7mm
Devon Rusher-Ruger American Rifle .270
Brian Gardiner-S&W M&P w/ Laser
Andy Strickland-Mossberg Patriot Rifle .300
Ron Rusher-Glock Model 43 9mm

Remember when you buy a raffle ticket or attend a Friends of the NRA event, 50 percent of the proceeds stay within the state. These monies are used for education, youth shooting sports, providing rifles for ROTC programs, and School Security Assessments to name a few. The POW Shooting Club has received more than 140 thousand dollars in grant money alone. This money has been used to build a facility that provides a safe and secure shooting venue as well as multiple educational opportunities. Check out our calendar at powshooters.com for upcoming events.

Get Your Tickets for the Friends of the NRA Dinner and Auction:

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