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Monday, December 23, 2019

Island Wrestling Earns All Academic Award and Patten becomes State Champ

Craig High School/Island Wrestlers scored 7th place as a team over-all with 87.0 points (tying with Grace Christian and Mt. Edgecumbe) out of a total of 44 Division II teams at the Alaska State Wrestling tournament held in Anchorage.

Team Wins All Academic Award for Division II (Photo Courtesy of  CHS)

After the first day of wrestling six of the eight wrestlers were still alive in the bracket to continue unto the next day's finals.

Courtesy of CHS

  • Wayland Patten becomes State Champ in the 171 weight class beating Sidney Fleming 
  • Timber Patten places 4th in 145
  • Luke Wegand places 4th in 160
  • Ulric Lehman scores 3rd place in the 285 class

Prince of Wales athletes continue to impress and show the State that we are a force to be reckoned with!


Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Wayland Patten of Craig
2nd Place - Sidney Fleming of Sitka
3rd Place - Tucker Vann of Kenai Central High School
4th Place - Dalton Pinard of Su-Valley
5th Place - Koleman McCaughey of Nikiski
6th Place - Rowen Wiederspohn of Wrangell

1st Place Match
Wayland Patten (Craig) 25-2, . over Sidney Fleming (Sitka) 26-2, Sr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Place Match
Tucker Vann (Kenai Central High School) 17-3, Jr. over Dalton Pinard (Su-Valley) 27-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1)
5th Place Match
Koleman McCaughey (Nikiski) 26-11, Jr. over Rowen Wiederspohn (Wrangell) 30-17, So. (Fall 4:10)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Aengus Bancroft of Glennallen
2nd Place - Blaine Henning of Unalaska
3rd Place - Elden Cross of Nome
4th Place - Timber Patten of Craig
5th Place - Ryan Troyer of Kotzebue
6th Place - Jamin Crow of Bethel High School

1st Place Match
Aengus Bancroft (Glennallen) 31-1, Sr. over Blaine Henning (Unalaska) 11-5, Jr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Elden Cross (Nome) 25-7, Sr. over Timber Patten (Craig) 20-6, So. (Dec 9-4)
5th Place Match
Ryan Troyer (Kotzebue) 30-10, Jr. over Jamin Crow (Bethel High School) 18-16, Jr. (Fall 4:00)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Hayden Lieb of Bethel High School
2nd Place - Kole Sperl of Petersburg
3rd Place - Andrew Beveridge of Grace Christian
4th Place - Luke Wegand of Craig
5th Place - Stephan Anderson of Nome
6th Place - John B Charles of Emmonak

1st Place Match
Hayden Lieb (Bethel High School) 27-0, Sr. over Kole Sperl (Petersburg) 20-12, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:36 (15-0))
3rd Place Match
Andrew Beveridge (Grace Christian) 32-10, So. over Luke Wegand (Craig) 26-7, Sr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Place Match
Stephan Anderson (Nome) 19-10, Jr. over John B Charles (Emmonak) 10-9, Sr. (Dec 11-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Nicholas Liomaiava of Barrow
2nd Place - Haley Osborne of Mt. Edgecumbe
3rd Place - Ulric Lehman of Craig
4th Place - Hunter Littlefield of Sitka
5th Place - Ayden Alstrom-Beans of St Mary`s
6th Place - Marcus Lastimosa of Seward

1st Place Match
Nicholas Liomaiava (Barrow) 13-2, So. over Haley Osborne (Mt. Edgecumbe) 8-1, . (Fall 3:56)
3rd Place Match
Ulric Lehman (Craig) 12-5, Sr. over Hunter Littlefield (Sitka) 24-10, Jr. (Fall 4:49)
5th Place Match
Ayden Alstrom-Beans (St Mary`s) 7-3, . over Marcus Lastimosa (Seward) 16-9, So. (Dec 7-3)

[All Division II results may be found here]

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