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Thursday, June 4, 2020

POW Local Files to Run for Alaska House District 35

Arthur Martin a long time resident of Prince of Wales filed last minute to run against incumbent House Representative Jonathan Tomkins. Martin filed as a Republican and faces Richard Calkins from Sitka and Kenny Skaflestad of Hoonah in the primary.

Below is a statement from Martin originally published on thearthurmartin.com:

Why I'm Running for Alaska House District 35

Democrats and Journalists should love me, i'm their perfect model American citizen; I immigrated legally to Alaska from the former Soviet Union when I was young (Democrats loved the Soviet Union), I graduated from the University of Alaska, started a small business, live in my own house, handsome, and I believe JFK was an incredible president.

Of course, because i'm running as a Republican none of my credentials (and good looks) matter to them. In their eyes i'm now a Putin lover, far-right troll, National Socialist, and a white colonists trying to reclaim Alaska for the Patriarchy and Mother Russia.  

During the three years that I worked in the Alaska State Legislature, for the amazin' (now retired) Representative Peggy Wilson I learned two things: 

1. Politicians and Journalists are experts in dividing Americans against each other and to make us hate each other---just look at the evil and sinister way Corporate Media has spun these riots of recent days.

2. Alaskans and Americans agree on a lot more than we disagree. Problem is that we don't have the time nor desire to sit with each other and discuss issues in depth. Instead, we get on social media and troll our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors and strangers instead of trying to solve disagreements in a calm and rational manner. I'll be the first to admit that i've made missteps on social media just like everyone else. 

I'm a student of history and my experience of spending time in Russia (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) has given me a different perspective on politics than the majority of people. The biggest is the almost eerie way America is mirroring the exact same blunders the Soviet Union made before it collapsed. Dependence on oil (and the volatile oil market), wars in the Middle East, massive welfare spending, unstable immigration patterns, political and free speech censorship, toilet paper shortages and finally career politicians. 

As a Millennial (que the Millennial jokes) the biggest issue I see in politics and the SINGULAR issue for WHY nothing is ever accomplished is because we have career politicians that spend decades in power. They then retire and another family member takes their place (we all know who they are in both Alaska and on the national stage). The problem with not having term limits in the Alaska State Legislature and Congress is that politicians will rarely ever make the difficult decisions that they know must be done. Why? 

Because they won't be re-elected. 

Why cut the budget if you can just give pork-barrel spending to your community and get re-elected for another term instead? There's zero incentive to do the right thing. I would argue (very effectively) that one of the main reasons why Alaska is in the financial crisis that it's in is because most of our legislators are self-serving cowards afraid to lose power (not all, not all but most). They are nice people just not nice at putting Alaska First. 

Many polls have been done and regardless of political affiliation, 70% want term limits on politicians--i'm guessing every single one of you reading want the same. Nobody wants Trump to be Emperor for life that's why US Presidents have term limits, why aren't members of the Legislative branch not held to the same standard? 

My opponent in District 35, originally ran in part on a platform of fresh blood, get rid of Bill Thomas the career politician! Unfortunately, my then naive opponent has wisened up and become the exact career politician that he argued against. And so the cycle of cowardly decision making and holding on to political power continues just under a different political ideology. I've met the guy, nice guy, just not nice at voting to let you keep your PFD. 

My name is Arthur Martin, give me two years to put Alaska and Alaskans First and break the cycle of career political corruption that we have seen for so long. If I fail (I won't) in two years re-districting will happen anyway and District 35 will completely change and i'll step down. A lot can change for the worse in two years if we continue with the current political structure we find in the Alaska State Legislature today. 

Give me a chance to make a difference. We already know that what's occurring in Alaska politics is a disaster, so as my opponent argued a long time ago, it's time for a fresh handsome new face. 

Vote Arthur Martin Representative for District 35

Email arthurmartinak@gmail.com
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Arthur Martin
PO BOX 233
Klawock, AK 99925

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